Vape Pen Buying Guide Basics

The vaporizer pen industry is booming, and, as it grows, so do the options available to consumers. Many people are curious and just looking to get started with vaping, but they don’t know what device to start with or where to buy it. Because of its ease of use and portability, the vape pen is a top choice for many who want to start vaping or are looking to make the step up from an e-cigarette.

As the popularity of vape pens continues to grow, so does the technology and features. There is an awe-inspiring variety of options to choose from, and this can be very intimidating and confusing – for both “newbies” and experience vapers.

If you are completely new to vapor pens and/or vaporizers in general, you should continue reading through this article to get a better understanding and appreciation on what you’re missing out on. If you already know that you want a vape pen, but are looking for the which ones are the best – Click on the box below to be taken to our “Best of Buyers Guide” and rankings of the top vape pens for 2016.

Best Vaporizer Pen

In addition to providing detailed information to educate you on vape pens and the latest reviews, we have also created a rating guide for some of the top websites to help you with a wide range of selections, starter kits, and guaranteed lowest prices – Check it out at the bottom of the page. If you are considering using a vape pen specifically for “dry herbs” and or concentrates (like wax or oils) – make sure to take a look at our article on the best portable vaporizers of 2016.


Vapor Pen – How it All Works

A vaporizer pen works by heating up the e-liquid, wax, oil or dried-up plant material to a specific temperature then releasing its active substance/essential oils in the form of water vapor. By using this particular process, the plant materials are not burned, and this means that there is no combustion (emission of smoke or other toxic chemicals), unlike that of traditional smoking of tobacco and other “dry herbs”. Vape Pen ComponentsAs a vape pen is portable, it must be properly charged in order to work. A lithium-ion battery is what’s mostly used with cordless vaporizers, and these batteries can either be charged using a wall adapter, portable charging case, or a USB charger. Once lithium-ion batteries are fully charged, they are ready to use.

Using a vaporizer pen involves inhaling directly through the tip of mouthpiece on the device. When sensors inside the cylinder or tube sense the inhalation, they activate the what is known as the atomizer to heat up (see diagram to the right). When the atomizer heats up – it begins to heat the liquid/wax/dry herb in the tank. The substance you are vaping is heated to a specific temperature (below that of combustion/smoke), but still creates the tasty water vapor from the essential oils of the material.


Types of Vape Pens

There are three main categories of vape pens:

Vape pen starter kit1) E-liquid Vape Pen – This is easily the most common type of vaporizer pen. These vapor pens are used to vape e-liquid (a.k.a. e-juice). E-liquid comes in a huge variety of different flavors and is made up of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavors and nicotine. Being able to choose your level of nicotine as well as the flavor has made these devices extremely popular.


Dab pen2) Wax and Oil (Concentrates) Vapor Pen – Wax and oils are concentrated, only requiring a very small amount to get the same effect. A wax pen can be used interchangeably with oils and sometimes eliquid. Such pens most often cannot be interchangeably used with dry herbs. However, there is new technology with some of the newer pens that allows for this – utilizing a separate chambers that you can switch out depending on what type of material you are vaping.
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Dry Herb Vaporizer3) Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen – Depending on the type of vape pen you purchase, you may be able to vape dry herbs. Dry herbs have been utilized for centuries for medicinal purposes, relaxation and meditation. Specific flowers and herbs can be dried and crushed to fit inside the vaporizer pen. Heating the herbs will release the vapor (essential oils) and allow you to inhale it.


One of the most increasingly popular areas for vaporizers is the vaping of marijuana. Vapers are finding out for themselves, what has already be reported in medical studies for years. For example, a study published in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics in 2007 followed patients that received prescriptions for medicinal marijuana, and clinically demonstrated that vaping was a safer and more effective way of delivering THC than by smoking it with a bong or joint. It also reported that “by a significant majority, patients preferred vaporization to smoking”! With at least 4 states now allowing recreational marijuana use, and 23 states for medicinal purposes –  with more soon to follow, many people are making the decision to purchasing their own weed vaporizer pen.


Making the Switch to Vaping for Health Reasons

There are many kinds of smoking cessation methods out on the market, but most of them fail for one simple reason: they do not deliver the experience of smoking that so many people enjoy. There is much more to cigarettes than just delivering nicotine, which is why nicotine patches and gum are very limited in their success rate. What everyone forgets about are the social and sensory aspects that come with holding and puffing on a cigarette.

Using a vape pen allows someone to mimic smoking without having the ash, tar and other harmful chemicals associated with the traditional smoking of cigarettes. The e-liquid that is often used with a vapor pen comes in a variety of strengths of nicotine, ranging from 0 to 36mg, with a normal cigarette having approximately 12mg by comparison. By switching from regular old cigarettes to a vape pen, and slowly cutting down the strength of the nicotine to eventually zero – it has been shown to be a successful course of action for many former cigarette smokers. So, in addition to the significant decrease in toxic chemicals associated with traditional cigarette smoking/combustion, vapers can also decrease or eliminate their nicotine consumption. What continues to make the vaping experience enjoyable and tasty for those using no nicotine, is the 100’s of e-liquid flavors that are available to choose from.

Vape pen vs cigarettesAccording to a recent study from Public Health England in August of 2015 – it’s finding show that vaping is 95% safer than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Of special note: The study was not funded by big tobacco companies, but rather by the United Kingdom’s Department of Health!

If you or someone you know has already made the switch to vapor pens from smoking cigarettes, you’ve no doubt experienced the benefits of vaping over smoking. Not only does vaping reduce your lungs’ exposure to dangerous carcinogens, it also keeps you from smelling like an ashtray – an added social benefit.

In choosing a vaporizer pen over a traditional cigarette, you will get a device that looks and acts similar to a cigarette but is a much healthier way to get your nicotine. Vape pens deliver the nicotine that smokers love so much, but it does so with just the production of essential oils and water vapor instead of smoke. Not only is the vaporizer pen a healthier alternative, it can also often be used in places where traditional cigarettes are banned.


Taking the First Big Step

Ok, so you’re thinking that you’re ready to take the next step and get yourself a vaporizer pen! However, where do you start – as there are literally hundreds of different kinds to choose from? You want to make sure that you choose the ideal vape pen for your specific needs, but how can you do that with so many different styles to choose from.

First things first – decide on what exactly it is that you will be vaping. Certain vapor pens, have models that are designed to hold nothing but e-liquid, while others are made to vape dry herbs more efficiently. If you know exactly what you want to vape, it will help you narrow down your choices. If you are not exactly sure, there is a compromise of sorts – as there are a couple of vape pens out there that have interchangeable containers/tanks (the vessel for holding the substance you are vaping), so that you can vape a variety of different substances. This allows you to choose a vapor pen that give you the opportunity to try a little of each. This works out really well if you’re new to the whole vaping experience.

Second of all – you need to determine your budget. Yes, quality is often associated with price – but this doesn’t mean you can’t get a great basic pen for less than $50. As luck would have it – we have already done the research and reviewed the Top Vape Pens of 2016. Check it out to figure out the best one for you, and buy with confidence.

One of the biggest reasons why the vape pen has become so popular is that there is the opportunity to purchase very unique pens that match your personality and style. Size, color, power, and accessories let your vape pen make a statement. This has also helped drive a lot more ladies into vaping over the last couple of years.

Another good way to get started with vaping is with a basic vape starter kit. They come with all the basics you need to get started. Often with these vape starter kits, most manufacturers will have the option to purchase additional accessories that can help you personalize your vape pen. As you become better acquainted with your vape pen, you can customize your containers with larger glass globes (depending on what your vaping), or specialized mouthpieces. Another key thing to remember is to try and buy a vape starter kit that has a battery with a “510 thread” – these batteries are the most universal for being able to be easily modified with other components.


Best Online Websites for Vape Pens

After you checkout our article on the Top Vape Pens for 2016, and you still want to do a little window shopping – Make sure to check out our 2016 rankings for the best online vape stores below. Besides a lowest price guarantee, these vape stores have the biggest selections, detailed product info, and buyers guides available. It is also important to mention, that the three websites we have listed are all verified and secured SSL e-commerce sites. Do NOT trust your credit card information to just any Internet vaporizer website! Click on the “Visit Site” button (below) to be taken to the website, as well as be shown their most up to date discount codes (if any).

Top Trusted Vape Pen Websites

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Regardless of the specific type of vapor pen that you’re interested in, you should always do some good research before you buy a vape pen for sale online. Check out our Best of 2016 Vapor Pen List – and if you still are not quite sure take a look at some of our recommended websites for even more choices.
Know that all of the websites that we recommend are all authorized dealers and guaranteed to sell original manufacture products (no clones). This is important, as most manufactures won’t honor the warranty unless the product is purchased from an authorized dealer. Don’t get screwed from buying from sketchy online dealers, eBay, or one of your local vape shops that aren’t authorized dealers!

Also, please make sure to bookmark our site, to come back and check for updated discounts and coupon codes for your next vaping purchase.